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Blakemore Wholesale Distribution contributes to A.F. Blakemore's group-wide corporate responsibility programme, which has been in place for the last 10 years.  

This focuses on four key areas: 

  • Maximising staff potential and their contribution to the company's success

  • Making a significant, positive contribution to the community

  • Giving great service to all our customers and adding value to our trade partners

  • Acknowledging, measuring and minimising our environmental impact

The division’s community programme has grown significantly in recent years, and Blakemore Wholesale Distribution colleagues are encouraged to volunteer for good causes during work time. 

To minimise its environmental impact, A.F. Blakemore operates its own recycling centre.  Blakemore Wholesale Distribution customers can recycle waste packaged food, paper, soft plastic, bottles and cans, which are backhauled as part of the distribution process. 

The company is also committed to improving efficiencies in fuel and energy usage and minimising its carbon footprint through initiatives such as warehouse SMART meters and the introduction of more aerodynamic vehicles across its distribution fleet.


Click here to read A.F. Blakemore's Responsible Business Report

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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

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