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A.F. Blakemore & Son Ltd is one of the largest and most forward-thinking family-owned businesses in the UK.  The company, which began life in 1917 as a counter-service grocery store, has grown into a company that now employs more than 7,000 people with a turnover of circa £1.2 billion. 

A.F. Blakemore is the largest member of SPAR UK, which has a turnover of £3bn, and is a member of SPAR International, which operates 12,000 stores in 40 countries   A.F. Blakemore is also a member of the Unitas Wholesale group, the UK's largest food and drink wholesale buying group, with a turnover of £8bn


The A.F. Blakemore group consists of divisions spanning across the retail and wholesale sectors:  

Blakemore_Retail Blakemore_Trade_Partners
Blakemore_Retail_-_SPAR_convenience_store_operator Blakemore_Trade_Partners_SPAR_Highworth
Blakemore Retail is the UK's leading privately owned multiple convenience store operator and manages A.F. Blakemore’s company-owned SPAR stores and chain of Philpotts prepared-food stores Blakemore Trade Partners supports A.F. Blakemore's independent SPAR estate, which consists of more than 600 stores across the Meridian & Welsh Guild, SPAR UK’s largest guild of retailers
Blakemore_Logistics Blakemore_Wholesale_Distribution
Blakemore_Logistics_SPAR_distribution Blakemore_Wholesale_Distribution_-_national_distribution
Blakemore Logistics is the food distribution operation that supplies the SPAR stores across the Meridian & Welsh Guild and supports the wider A.F. Blakemore group Blakemore Wholesale Distribution is a leading delivered wholesaler, providing retailers, vending operators and wholesalers with bespoke distribution solutions
Blakemore_Foodservice Blakemore_Fresh_Foods
Blakemore_Foodservice_-_catering_supplier_to_schools,_local_authorities,_public_houses,_restaurant_chains_and_the_leisure_industry Blakemore_Fresh_Foods_meat_importers_and_exporters
Blakemore Foodservice is one of the UK's largest suppliers of catering products to schools, local authorities, public houses, restaurant chains and the leisure industry Blakemore Fresh Foods is an international meat trading, wholesaling and manufacturing operation that supplies the retail, food service and wholesale sectors
Blakemore Design & Shopfitting specialises in bespoke, innovative and modern store design and refurbishment solutions for convenience retailers

The Blakemore Way

Blakemore Way

Blakemore Heritage

Blakemore Heritage