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Our Operation


Blakemore Fresh Foods is headquartered at a £3.5m, 30,000 sq ft meat-cutting plant and storage facility located at Hilton Cross Business Park in Featherstone, South Staffordshire.  

  • We take full ownership of our products from source across all stages of the food supply chain and are a BRC Food Safety (Issue 8) accredited operation. 

  • Our team of specialist butchers can manufacture products to suit individual customer requirements including cutting, boning, slicing, dicing and mincing.  

  • Our 2,000-pallet-space facility provides the perfect meat wholesale and distribution service.  

  • We operate a modern fleet of temperature-controlled distribution vehicles that provide a Day One for Day Two delivery service across the UK.

Blakemore_Fresh_Foods_BRC-accredited_meat_storage_facility Blakemore_Fresh_Foods_meat_processing_and_cutting_plant
Blakemore_Fresh_Foods_meat_processing_and_cutting_plant Blakemore_Fresh_Foods_BRC-accredited_meat_storage_facility