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Corporate Responsibility


Blakemore Fresh Foods takes its responsibilities in regards to food standards and hygiene very seriously and has achieved the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8.

Environmental best practice is a key consideration at the company’s cutting plant at Hilton Cross, South Staffordshire. Hilton Cross includes the installation of a new HCFC R404A system, which provides energy efficient refrigeration that is low in toxicity. 

A heat reclamation system provides free hot water across the production area while LED lighting in the main storage area provides the brightness of standard bulbs, without emitting the same level of heat to negatively impact refrigeration motors. 

Sensors have also been fitted to reduce energy usage by up to 10% during inactive periods. 

The facilities are managed via an RDM system that measures, monitors and controls energy usage across the site to ensure optimum levels of efficiency. 

We pride ourselves on a cooperative and flexible approach to dealing with both customers and suppliers. We provide a range of ethnic food via a dedicated multilingual salesperson and are also happy to backhaul or undertake reciprocal trade with our business partners.