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Our Commitment to You


Our Commitment to You

Each time we take on a new customer we do so with all of your requirements in mind.

In order that we do not fall short of your expectations we have installed a customer charter to guarantee our commitment to serve you. 

We will ensure that:

  • You have a dedicated account manager and telesales operator
  • You have unbeatable service levels
  • You have a quick response to changes in your order
  • You have a guaranteed delivery schedule
  • Your orders are delivered in clean and modern multi-temperature vehicles
  • You have range choice and proven quality


If for any reason we fall short in delivering our charter please telephone 0121 526 8400 and we guarantee that:

  • Every call will receive a prompt response
  • We will call you back within 24 hours if we cannot answer your query immediately
  • We will fully investigate any problem reported to us and try to resolve it to your satisfaction

We are constantly reviewing ways to improve our operation and service to deliver to your expectations.