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Blakemore Retail Buy One, Get One for a Penny Campaign Now Live

September 17, 2020

Blakemore Retail’s ‘Buy One, Get One for a Penny’ campaign is now live across its SPAR estate.

From now until 7th October, customers will have the chance to purchase a SPAR brand product and get another one for a penny.

The promotion will apply to a selection of SPAR products across grocery, frozen and household categories. Customers will pay full price for the most expensive item.

AFB Head of Marketing Kev Jones commented: “Blakemore Retail has launched this promotion to raise awareness of the SPAR brand and the quality and variety of products available in the range.

“At a time when more people are looking to shop locally, this promotion is a great opportunity to increase footfall to stores and differentiate ourselves from the competition.”

SPAR products eligible for the promotion are highlighted in stores. They include a wide range of essentials such as flour, bread, pasta, rice, tinned vegetables, baked beans and tea bags. Shoppers will also be able to choose from treats such as ice cream, biscuits and pizza, or a small selection of household items including kitchen essentials and toilet paper. Products can be chosen from different categories.

To communicate the special offer to customers, all stores have been issued with a point-of-sale kit that includes hanging boards, stand headers, shelf cards and window posters.

Throughout the three-week promotional period the business will also be running social media activity on stores’ Facebook pages. 

Buy One, Get One for a Penny

Blakemore Retail’s ‘Buy One, Get One for a Penny’ campaign, now being promoted across the SPAR estate


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