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Food Safety & Quality Policy

A.F. Blakemore & Son Ltd Group Food Safety & Quality Policy

The Board of Directors of A.F. Blakemore & Son Ltd are committed to ensuring the safety, integrity and legality of all product handled through our storage and distribution systems.

We will also provide the required human and financial resources to implement any relevant certificated or customer standards and encourage an environment of continuous improvement.

To demonstrate our commitment, we undertake to:

  • Develop a plan around product safety and quality culture.
  • Exercise all due diligence in the procurement, storage, distribution and handling of food and associated products.
  • Maintain premises, plants and equipment in a clean and hygienic condition free from the activities of food pests.
  • Establish and maintain Food Safety Management Systems where appropriate. 
  • Measure by objectives and effect improvements using route cause analysis when issues are identified through management review processes.
  • Encourage, and provide a safe environment, for all personnel to report any concerns relating to food safety, quality, integrity or legality.
  • Manage risks from defective and non-conforming products under our control through the operation of effective Crisis Management Structures and Product Withdrawal Procedures.
  • Provide employees with training commensurate with their roles and responsibilities. 
  • Ensure that this Policy Statement is effectively communicated to all persons that are employed by or otherwise undertake activities on behalf of the company.

A copy of this Food Safety Policy Statement is displayed on noticeboards at each of the premises occupied by the company.

This Food Safety Policy Statement shall be reviewed annually by the Board of Directors or more frequently as circumstances require.