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Blakemore Retail Trials Self-service Checkouts

July 23, 2020

Self-service checkouts

Blakemore Retail is trialling three card-only self-service checkouts at its Bannerbrook store.

The self-scan tills were first introduced on 2nd July and are currently processing circa 30% of all transactions.

Last week they were used by more than 2,000 customers, with the average spend being around £5.

SPAR Bannerbrook Store Manager Sharon Nulty commented: “Customers have taken to using the self-service checkouts straight away.

"About a third of the 1,000 customers who pass through our store each day are now using them, and we expect this to increase further as people get more confident with them.

“The checkouts are really user-friendly, and in the long-term, when more customers can use them without staff assistance, we expect them to speed up transactions and free up time for colleagues to spend elsewhere in the store.” 

The self-service tills are not intended to replace traditional checkouts, with two normal tills continuing to operate alongside them. 

The tills seem to be proving particularly popular with lower-spend customers. Average spend at the traditional tills last week was still 58% higher than it was at the self-checkouts.

The self-scan checkouts are also helping customers to minimise contact with others during the pandemic. Screens have been put up between the checkouts to enforce social distancing.

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