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A.F. Blakemore Invests in New Tractor Units

January 13, 2022

New tractor units

Ten new tractor units have been delivered into A.F. Blakemore’s food distribution fleet, each meeting Transport for London’s three-star Direct Vision Standard (DVS) rating.

The 44-tonne Volvo FM 6x2 tractor units will work predominantly delivering ambient, fresh and frozen goods to SPAR stores across AFB’s retail estate.

Logistics Compliance Manager Dave Higgs commented: “These new FMs are superb trucks – ideal for our distribution work and they fit perfectly into our operation.

“We’ve gone for three-star compliant trucks as forward planning on our part because I believe the DVS scheme will be rolled out across more cities sooner rather than later. These vehicles are on a seven-year contract hire agreement, so we’re future-proofing our fleet.”

Volvo’s latest FM is packed with improvements to the driver environment and innovations that deliver a higher level of comfort, safety and productivity. The interior benefits from a new dashboard offering more storage space, new colours and a modern dynamic digital display.

The 10 trucks have multiple cameras that can be viewed through the driver’s nine-inch side display, plus an added window in the passenger door to improve safety further. These complement the new cab’s raised A pillars, combined with a large windscreen, low door line and modern mirrors, which deliver excellent all-round visibility.

Working in tandem with double-deck urban trailers, the FMs are expected to clock-up around 120,000km per annum.

Fuel efficiency is boosted by Volvo's Long Haul Fuel package, specifically designed for vehicles used on long-distance missions.

The FM cabs benefit from Volvo’s Drive and Single Bed Living Packages, and comfort is improved further with an adjustable steering wheel with neck tilt, DAB radio, air-suspended and heated seats, plus rear cab upper storage.

Dave added: “The drivers are very happy. The new trucks have a great cab, a great engine and a great gearbox; they just do the job really well.” 

New tractor units

The new tractor units

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