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Peter’s Food Service


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Describe your business, products and customers:

Peter’s Food Service is an award-winning pastry manufacturer based just outside of Cardiff.  From humble beginnings in the south Wales valleys in the 1950s, Peter’s is now a household name, baking over three million pastries every week – with a BRC Grade A* rating, the highest possible.

As well as producing pies, pasties, slices, and sausage rolls, Peter’s also manufactures sausages and saveloys, and delivers to food outlets across the country. 

Peter’s services over 13,500 customers every year, ranging from national and independent retailers to fast-food outlets, fish bars, restaurants, cafes, schools, hospitals, stadiums and more.

In addition to its Peter’s and Seriously Tasty brands, Peter’s also bakes other household names under licence, including Heinz chilled pastries, Sharwoods’s curry bakes, Bisto pies, and produces own-label pastries for both the retail and food service sectors.

The Peter’s offer suits a wide variety of retailers, with a selection of products from every day to premium, small to large pasties, savoury slices, sausage rolls and pies that suit any budget and most eating occasions including the ever-developing Food to Go.

Why do you want to supply A.F. Blakemore & Son Ltd?

We currently supply A.F. Blakemore with our own-brand pastry ranges that include our Heritage Pastry range and our Premier Pastry ranges, both of which formulated the successful launch of everyday low price pastry into A.F. Blakemore, and recently we launched a new range of pastry named ‘Seriously Tasty’ that includes both pasties and 235g boxed pies. 

We also produce and supply under licence an exclusive range of Heinz pastries and Sharwood’s Bakes. 

Describe your organisation’s partnership with A.F. Blakemore & Son Ltd:

Over the last 18 months, supported by A.F. Blakemore, we helped develop the EDLP pastry range into the category and launched and introduced both the Heinz and Sharwood’s pastry ranges.  Supported with promotional activity and great marketing assistance from A.F. Blakemore, this has resulted in our sales turnover year on year increasing by 53%. 

We continue to look for incremental sales growth by launching our ‘Seriously Tasty’ range of pastries in 2015, again supported with marketing activity from A.F. Blakemore.

Supporting A.F. Blakemore tradeshows has also benefited our business as it enables interaction with and feedback from store colleagues while allowing them to see the comprehensive range available from Peter’s Food Service and enjoying ‘hot’ samples from our stand.

What do you like about working with A.F. Blakemore?

The opportunity to build a relationship with a customer who wants to work with suppliers to maximise sales and new product development opportunities, with regular meetings and daily conversations that help deliver confidence in a working practice that is ongoing. 

Describe the supply process with A.F. Blakemore?

A.F. Blakemore’s distribution depots are managed with daily orders received on a Day 1 for Day 2 basis, supported again by ongoing communications with an A.F. Blakemore colleague who communicates any expected peaks with pre-orders and also any promotional volumes supported with ‘allocation’ to stores pre buying-in date.

There have been occasions that deliveries have encountered logistical problems and all A.F. Blakemore ask is that you communicate with them, and they will always endeavour to assist you.

What is your advice to small producers just starting out?

Clear objectives of your wish to supply must be communicated effectively with your relevant A.F. Blakemore controller.

Once you have achieved a listing with A.F. Blakemore it is imperative that this is supported with excellent delivery levels. 

How do you see the future in relation to you partnership with A.F. Blakemore?

We will look to support the category with ongoing new product development and also continue to provide range supply opportunities through our license Branded development.

We envision continued promotional support and additional category support with tradeshow and conference events together with an agreed joint business plan to help achieve continued sales growth for both businesses.  

Please provide a brief testimonial that summarises your working relationship with A.F. Blakemore:

A.F. Blakemore is a company which looks to drive continued sales growth with effective customer service and communication support from category controllers to stock planners and even through to the store colleagues and managers who are more than happy to supply feedback.

A company that invests 98% of all profits back into its estate for continued high operational standards with the remaining 2% supporting the Blakemore Foundation charitable trust shows its true values to colleagues, customers and suppliers.