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AFB Teams Up with Mondelez and Emagination to Launch Message Chocolate Bars

Message bars

A.F. Blakemore has partnered with Mondelez and Emagination to launch new message chocolate bars across its SPAR stores.

Back in May 2020 the Impulse Trading team saw an opportunity to create a new ranging proposition to meet the needs of SPAR retailers and shoppers during the coronavirus pandemic.

The team knew that families and friends felt separated from their loved ones and wanted to produce something that customers could give as a gift to a helpful neighbour or friend, or post out to people they were missing.

It was important that the product had very broad appeal as the range had to appeal to everyone, and it was also important that the bar was suitably sized for posting.

Working with Mondelez and a supplier called Emagination, the AFB team created a range of six Cadbury Dairy Milk message bars, each with their own individual wording.

The range was totally exclusive to AFB and the business was delighted with the results.

Since May, AFB has sold over 80,000 bars. The company is now reviewing the opportunity for more bars with messages or names in the future.

Message bars

The message bars on display in-store