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Blakemore Foodservice Becomes Main Supplier to Philpotts

October 02, 2019

Blakemore Foodservice

Blakemore Foodservice has become the main food and drink supplier to A.F. Blakemore’s 21 Philpotts stores.

On 9th September the business began servicing the chain, which was previously supplied by an external business. 

More than 500 products are available for the Philpotts stores, including ambient, chilled and frozen goods as well as fresh fruit and vegetables. Blakemore Foodservice also delivers fresh meat supplied by Blakemore Fresh Foods.

Head of Foodservice Caoire Blakemore commented: “This move forms part of A.F. Blakemore’s strategy to achieve group-wide cross-divisional supply chain solutions.

“Philpotts stores will be able to receive a more personal service, and some stores will now receive more frequent deliveries.

“Supplying Philpotts will also strengthen Blakemore Foodservice’s portfolio of coffee shop and food-for-now customers and enable us to improve our fresh and food service offer to other customers moving forward.”

The Philpotts stores will be serviced by Blakemore Foodservice’s James Bridge and Wakefield depots.


Blakemore Foodservice has also announced two new contracts supplying Bistrot Pierre and Leicester City Council. 

Bistrot Pierre is a French casual-dining restaurant chain with 24 sites across England and Wales.

Leicester City Council, meanwhile, is a returning customer of Blakemore Foodservice, last serviced in 2011. 

The business is servicing 40 schools and 26 non-school sites with a range that includes organic and responsibly sourced products as well as products to suit multicultural dietary requirements. This includes Asian and halal menus.

Blakemore Foodservice Sales Director Nick Rose commented: “These new contracts are great wins for the business and are testament to our flexibility and increasing range of products.

“Blakemore Foodservice’s constant growth and expansion reflects the commitment of our employees, who are passionate about advancing our business, and we have further plans in place to add to our customer portfolio later this year.”


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