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KP Snacks


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Describe your business, products and customers:

KP Snacks is home to some of Britain’s most iconic snack brands including McCoy’s, Hula Hoops, KP Nuts, POM-BEAR, Phileas Fogg, Velvet Crunch, Skips, Space Raiders, Discos, Nik Naks, Wheat Crunchies, Royster’s, Brannigans and Frisps.

We are proud that millions of people enjoy our snacks, every day!

We employ around 1,600 people in the UK across our five production sites and our head office in Slough, Berkshire. KP Snacks is also proud to be part of the Intersnack Group, Europe’s leading producer of savoury snacks, operating in around 30 European countries.

Why do you want to supply A.F. Blakemore & Son Ltd?

A.F. Blakemore is a key business partner for KP Snacks and is the largest member within the Landmark Wholesale group and SPAR.

We recognise their importance and contribution within the convenience and impulse arena and understand that by working collaboratively with them we can help enrich consumers’ lives every day and grow our brands.

Describe your organisation’s partnership with A.F. Blakemore & Son Ltd:

KP Snacks and A.F. Blakemore share a healthy, mutually beneficial business relationship with one another.

One of the key principles of A.F. Blakemore is their honesty and integrity; they pride themselves on this, which adds trust and reliability to our business relationship.

A.F. Blakemore also live and breathe our mantra to be "Easy to do business with", which alleviates complexity and complications.

What do you like about working with A.F. Blakemore?

One of the most beneficial facets of trading with A.F. Blakemore is their vast array of platforms available for us to trade, explore and delve into.

This includes the fascia stores in SPAR, wholesale cash & carrys and the foodservice and licensed division, providing us with the opportunity to align our brands and formats accordingly and offer a solution for all customer requirements.

By working across all parts of their business we can look at synergies across both Landmark and SPAR to give the best available offers to both A.F. Blakemore and the consumer.

What is your advice to small producers just starting out?

The first step towards doing business with any customer is to gain a thorough understanding of the customer's business.

It is vital for any new producer to understand A.F. Blakemore's business and have a clear strategy on how they can work with them to achieve their common goals.

How do you see the future in relation to you partnership with A.F. Blakemore?

A.F. Blakemore have established a 2020 Strategy to grow business across all nine of its divisions and KP aims to work collectively with them by putting category at the heart of everything we do to increase business and provide mutual growth.

A.F. Blakemore are one of our valued customers and are great to do business with. We currently have a clear strategy in place around where we both want to be and how we are going to get there together. We have and will continue to work closely with each other to achieve our KPIs.