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Describe your business, products and customers:

Kerry Foods is a leading manufacturer and supplier of branded and customer branded chilled and frozen foods across the UK, Ireland and selected EU markets. 

In our consumer brands portfolio we have over 20 high-profile brands, many of which are category leaders.  In the UK this includes Richmond, Wall’s, Mattessons, Cheestrings, Mr Brain’s, and Low Low.   

We’re also a leading producer of private label products, ranging from chilled and frozen ready meals, to cooked meats, cheese and dairy products.

Why do you want to supply A.F. Blakemore?

A.F. Blakemore have a strong portfolio of managed stores and independent customers and provide a quick and highly effective route to market for our key brands.  Their focus on category growth and development, and excellence of retail execution, make them a key strategic partner for us within the convenience channel.

Describe your organisation’s partnership with A.F. Blakemore:

Our primary relationship is via the Trading team, and we supply products in the Sausage, Meat & Cheese Snacking, Sliced Meats and Frozen Meals categories.  

We also work with the A.F. Blakemore team on chilled category ranging and development, to ensure we are supporting them to land the best shopper centric ranges for their stores and customers.

What do you like about working with A.F. Blakemore?

A.F. Blakemore have a great eye for what is good for the shopper, good for the category and most importantly what is good for their stores and customers. 

Our relationship with A.F. Blakemore extends far beyond the usual trading relationship – and we collaboratively discuss category development and shopper focused ranging. 

They will push hard to get the best deal for their stores and customers, but you know with A.F. Blakemore that once you have agreed something they will do exactly what they say they will do. 

A.F. Blakemore are absolutely critical to our relationship with SPAR retailers and their insight and feedback give us a strong platform to develop from.  

The supply chain model is very straightforward and easy to use. 

What is your advice to small producers just starting out?

Spend time understanding the A.F. Blakemore business model, and then be very clear about the opportunity for your product within their business.  

Specific to the Retail division – get out to stores to understand A.F. Blakemore's managed estate as well as their independent customers.  

Build your proposition on a strong understanding of what is good for the retailer, good for the SPAR brand and good for the category, and then back it with a commercial structure that will work for all.  

Getting a listing is only part of the job, how you then support Blakemore to make it work and at the same time develop a collaborative working relationship is key for joint success.

How do you see the future in relation to you partnership with A.F. Blakemore? 

We are very excited about the future with A.F. Blakemore, we see big opportunities in chilled food growth with exciting times ahead in chilled food to go and meal solutions.  

The core to working with A.F. Blakemore on this will be our collaborative focus on space and range planning for chilled, and supporting category initiatives to drive growth.  

Successfully combining the expertise of the Blakemore team with the Kerry Foods ‘Building a Nation of Chilled Experts’  initiative will ensure that growth is available for all to enjoy.  

Please provide a brief testimonial that summarises your working relationship with A.F. Blakemore:

We recently launched a range of Sliced Cooked Meats products under our Mattessons brand.   We were challenged to clearly outline the opportunity for the category, the value of the brand and how it would complement SPAR private label. 

Once we had done this, we worked closely with the team to ensure that the space planning and implementation in the chiller worked.  

Throughout the process we had strong communications and focus with the A.F. Blakemore team, and engaged with commercial and space planning teams to ensure products launched.