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Calder Foods Ltd


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Describe your business, products and customers:

Calder Foods are specialist manufacturers of sandwich ingredients including, sandwich fillings, marinated meats, salads, dips, sauces and mayonnaise. 

Products are supplied throughout the UK via a network of national and regional approved suppliers.  

What do you like about working with A.F. Blakemore?

We currently supply A.F. Blakemore with sandwich fillings for their food-to-go offering.  They are a pleasure to deal with, providing you with simple to follow rules. 

A.F. Blakemore is a progressive, forward-thinking business and a trusted partner.  We receive good communication from category managers, accounts and distribution and the company has a good payment history. 

What is your advice to small producers just starting out?

If you have a product which you believe is of interest to A.F. Blakemore follow the path below:

  • Send information to the category manager
  • What is the product?
  • What are the USPs?
  • Are there any health or social benefits – Red Tractor/Freedom foods/low fat/low in sugar?
  • Tell them why you believe they should list your products

Ask if you can run a product presentation.  As an example, if it’s a locally produced jam don’t just take in a jar; present the product in a manner that it can be used i.e. on a nice piece of granary bread. 

You could do a simple storyboard – where it’s produced/who the team are/what the current route to market is. 

Above all, engage with the team at A.F. Blakemore.

How do you see the future in relation to your partnership with A.F. Blakemore?

We hope to have a long and fruitful partnership with A.F. Blakemore and continue with the good work that has already been done by all parties.

Our most recent initiative is working with the SPAR Trading team to add value and excitement to the range in food to go by offering monthly specials in both hot and cold sandwiches.