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Describe your business, products and customers:

All About Food takes restaurant products and makes them successful in retail. We work with restaurant favourites including Nando’s, PizzaExpress, Wahaca, GBK and Red’s.

All About Food now have a specialist team focused on the convenience and wholesale market, working with different groups to tailor our proposition to the convenience shopper.

Our core market-leading range includes Nando’s PERi PERi, Nando’s Marinades and Nando’s Groove Cut Crisps, all available in price-marked packs. We have a ready built customer base of shoppers looking to add heat and flavour to meals and get their PERi PERi fix.

Why do you want to supply A.F. Blakemore & Son Ltd?

As a key driver in the convenience market growth, and with their forward-thinking ways, SPAR is a key customer for us. A.F. Blakemore & Son facilitates this through category-led decisions and the willingness to trial consumer-focused activity.

Describe your organisation’s partnership with A.F. Blakemore & Son Ltd:

Through a consumer and retailer lens, we have supported Blakemore with category insight and focused on core ranging. We spent time working with Blakemore to get a clear understanding of the business and category objectives to make an attractive proposition based on their retailer and consumer profile.

What do you like about working with A.F. Blakemore?

We have worked together with a collaborative view on how to develop a plan for all parties. Both parties have focused on a category-led approach, with the market data being a key input to the plan. This has ensured the right range and choices are made for the Blakemore customer.

Together we have built a collaborative and insight-led relationship with Blakemore, with both parties taking the time to understand the category and shopper needs. This has led to a focused range and support plan in line with the core market sellers.

We have worked on a longer term, event-centric support plan to ensure that retailers are given the support they require. Through regular communication the set-up has been easy and straight forward.

What is your advice to small producers just starting out?

Understand your customer; one size does not fit all so to maximise the opportunity take the time to understand Blakemore and their shoppers.

How do you see the future in relation to you partnership with A.F. Blakemore? Do you have any examples of any future initiatives?

We have a longer term support plan in place including telesales, BBQ eventing and promotions. We will continue to focus around key events and how we can tie in to and support Blakemore’s initiatives. We will evolve with Blakemore’s strategy and the market to remain forward thinking and proactive in our approach as part of our convenience-led strategy.