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A.F. Blakemore Collaborates with SPAR UK for Process Improvement

September 03, 2019

Plotting the process

A.F. Blakemore has collaborated with SPAR UK to improve customer complaints processes across the two organisations.

A joint process mapping session was facilitated by AFB Business Improvement Officer David Cartwright on 21st August to chart the process of how A.F. Blakemore and SPAR UK respond to both product and in-store complaints from shoppers across AFB’s independent retail estate.

The workshop was attended by Retail Services Administrator Linda Chance from Blakemore Trade Partners, Customer Services Section Leader Kully Chima from Blakemore Logistics, and Senior Digital Development Manager Laura Webb and Customer Relations Assistant Vickie Latham from SPAR UK.

The purpose of the process mapped out was ‘to satisfy and retain customers and protect the SPAR brand’.

Following process management and improvement methodology, the group created a flowchart for the current complaints process and identified any concerns that might prevent the process operating to the optimum and affect the customer experience.

All of the outputs from the meeting have been captured and will be reviewed collectively in November. In the interim, quick wins will be implemented and data captured to understand whether the process is meeting customer requirements.

Linda commented: “This is the first time that A.F. Blakemore has worked together with SPAR UK on process improvement. It is a great opportunity to share our expertise beyond the Blakemore Group and work closer together to achieve more consistent processes.”

Laura from SPAR UK added: “Thank you for a great session. It was very insightful!”


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