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Covid-19 – What We’re Doing

Covid-19 – what we’re doing to assist our colleagues and customers

At AFB we're doing everything possible to reduce the risk of infection for our colleagues and customers.

So far we have done the following:

  • Imposed social distancing guidelines in all stores, mandating where customers can stand to minimise risk of infection
  • Purchased perspex screens to protect store staff
  • Provided hand sanitiser to all staff
  • Provided an HR hotline (8am-5pm Monday-Friday) for staff who have any concerns
  • Issued guidance on best-practice measures around stores
  • Initiated a maximum number of customers per store to maintain effective social distancing
  • Implemented strict hygiene procedures, including regular cleaning of key touchpoints
  • Encouraged customers to pay by contactless
  • Implemented home deliveries where available to enable vulnerable customers to still receive fresh deliveries
  • Provided logistics staff with gloves
  • Made hand sanitiser available in all depots and office locations
  • Provided drivers with antibacterial wipes for cabs
  • Issued social distancing advice to all depot and office colleagues
  • Located clean-down kits in every depot
  • Made thermometers available in all depots and offices
  • Made hand tissues available for all staff

Here is a walk-around video of SPAR Thurcroft showing how these measures have been implemented in practice: