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April 2019


This time of year is always busy, but this time – it’s exceptional! As well as getting to grips with the new Philpotts business we have end-of-year targets to beat, new budgets to create and of course the output of the organisation re-design to implement.

This project in particular is vital to get right as it will enable us to focus our efforts on the parts of the business that will help us succeed in the future. The consequence to us as individuals is that some colleagues have left the business to create careers elsewhere whilst some team members have moved within the business to take on new roles.

Everyone in the business has been impacted by these necessary changes one way or another and I would like to personally thank you for the way you have contributed to the process and the part that many of you are now playing in developing business plans for 2025.

At this time of great change it’s good to remember some of the ways that we have remained a successful private business and make sure that we maintain our point of difference. We need to continue to listen carefully to our customers, make sure we respect the opinions of those around us and make decisions that will be right for our business in the long term.

Finally, Easter is nearly upon us and that’s a great spring board for our business as we head toward lighter, longer days and ultimately the summer. I hope that some of you get some well-deserved family time and for the many of you who will be working even harder to keep cages rolling, lorries moving, customers informed and tills ringing – thank you!


Jerry Marwood
Joint Group Managing Director

April 3rd 2019

Board Member's View

Board Member's View

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