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February 2019


As we make a start into 2019, the continuing Brexit negotiations bring us a great deal of uncertainty from a business perspective. 

The unknown impact of the terms yet to be agreed for leaving the EU are making the planning of our business strategy for moving forward extremely challenging. 

We are very concerned about the amount of time we will have to plan for this momentous change, in particular in relation to areas such as Fresh Foods, where we import huge quantities of meat.

The sooner we can gain clarity on the future of the UK, the easier it will be to lay down plans for the future of our company.

The face of our high streets continues to change, with long-established and well-known brands either experiencing financial difficulty or worse still, disappearing altogether.  The latest of these are HMV and Patisserie Valerie, with the latter having issues with accountancy irregularities, but this is another matter entirely.

From my point of view, this makes the Strategy work that all of our divisions are working hard to complete absolutely imperative to securing the future of the business. 

Whilst the markets we operate in are extremely challenging, I believe there are many fantastic opportunities to develop our sales and profitability, and the key to growing within these areas is our divisions working more closely together and using the collaborative power of the Blakemore group to obtain new business and offer an even better level of service to our customers.

I am delighted to say that I am already seeing evidence of this in such areas as Foodservice, who are working with Fresh Foods to gain new business from their existing customer base, and this is just one example of many. 

I believe 2019 will hold many different challenges for all of us, but I think it will be a prosperous year for our newly restructured business.


Geoff Hallam

A.F. Blakemore Managing Director for Operations 

February 1st 2019

Board Member's View

Board Member's View

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