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December 2019


Christmas is almost upon us, and for many in the business this is the culmination of months of hard work. Whilst our our overall sales are not materially impacted by the festive season, the work that our teams have to put in to manage the holiday period, and all it brings, is immense.

In Foodservice we are dealing with school holiday shut-downs and start-ups as well as getting vital supplies to pubs so that they can serve thousands of Christmas lunches.

Our Wholesale customers who operate motorway service stations are preparing for one of their busiest weekends as families make their way to meet up across the country.

Our SPAR businesses, company owned and independent, launched Christmas ranges in-store directly after the August bank holiday, so they may be forgiven for looking forward to the new year and a fresh theme!

Finally, I am assured that the Fresh Foods team has distributed (and tasted!) more “pigs in blankets” than ever, and this includes servicing many of the above divisions’ customers as well as butchers and wholesalers across England and Wales.

This truly is a fantastic effort from all our customer-facing businesses and supported by all concerned.

For instance – Christmas planning starts for the Marketing and Buying teams in January every year, when ranges are reviewed and next year’s targets are set. Our teams in these departments are already thinking about 2020!

Whilst many of us are now looking forward to a few days off, a whole range of our operational and support teams are gearing up to make sure that we operate through the holiday period without fail. Logistics, Buying, Retail Operations, IT and Customer Services all have a significant number of team members who will be keeping the tills ringing, wheels turning and customers satisfied.

So on behalf of the Blakemore team, may I take the opportunity to thank all of you for the brilliant work you have delivered throughout 2019, and I look forward to an exciting and rewarding 2020!

Have a great time whatever you do to celebrate the holiday, keep safe and look after each other.


Jerry Marwood

Managing Director (Commercial)

December 5th 2019



Board Member's View

Board Member's View

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