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SPAR Landmark Place: Catering For Time-Poor Customers in Cardiff City Centre

March 14, 2018


Focussing on the needs of time-poor customers has reaped rewards for SPAR Landmark Place.

The independent SPAR store was refurbished in 2017, and has seen an upward swing in sales since.

The store, which is located opposite Queen Street Station in Cardiff’s city centre, and surrounded by competitors, reformatted its store space to cater for time-poor customers looking for snacks and meals on the go.

The reformat led to a larger food preparation area in-store, more space dedicated to snacking and food to go and a freshly squeezed orange juice machine being added to the shop.

To help highlight the store’s fresh and food to go credentials to customers, SPAR’s Daily Deli branding was added to the store’s exterior and interior.

One of the biggest success stories of the refit so far has been the introduction of a breakfast baguette to the store’s morning range. The ‘Mighty Breakfast Baguette’ has proved to be massively successful, becoming a top ten best seller in just two weeks. Baguettes are freshly made in-store, and when sold as part of a meal deal still make a margin of around 35%.

Adding a low-level, moveable chilled unit – otherwise known as a spider fridge – to the front of the shop has also worked well for Landmark Place. The spider fridge helps stores put key lines at ‘centre stage’ for customers as soon as they walk through the door. They’re flexible spaces too, allowing stores to switch up the products inside depending on the time of the day.

At Landmark Place, from early in the morning, customers can pick up a baguette and freshly squeezed orange juice meal deal for just £3.49. Alongside this deal in the spider fridge, there is focus on tonight’s tea with chilled meals, desserts and alcohol. This gives customers the option of purchasing their evening meal at the same time as their breakfast – hopefully preventing them from shopping at a competitor later in the day.

“SPAR Landmark Place has been a really exciting store development for myself and the team,” said A.F. Blakemore Daily Deli Development Manager, Steve Barker. 

“The store has made it its mission to cater for the busy, urban customer, throughout the day, and refitted and reformatted itself to deliver this.

“We think that Landmark Place points the way to where urban convenience is going, and we’re looking to roll its format out to other urban store sites, so to see the strides the store has made since its refit is extremely pleasing.”

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