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SPAR Brand Sees Huge Opportunity in Food to Go

September 18, 2020

SPAR food to go

SPAR is launching seven new own-label food-to-go products to help drive sales and fulfil the food-to-go shopping mission.

The current food-to-go SPAR Brand range includes breakfast, lunchtime, drinks, savoury snacking and sweet snacking. As trends have evolved, so has consumer choice of eating food on the move, with healthier food and vegan and vegetarian options continuing to grow in popularity.

SPAR UK Brand Manager Dave Wright said: “Snacking in the UK is seeing growth, with a quarter of food-to-go shoppers buying a snack on the go twice a week.

“With the typical convenience food-to-go consumer being younger, it is important to have a food-to-go range that not only encourages repeat business with loyal customers but offers products attractive to new customers.”

Within the breakfast range, SPAR has introduced two new own-label products to capitalise on the rise of eating breakfast on the move. SPAR Plain Porridge and SPAR Apple & Cinnamon Porridge, which can be eaten hot or cold, are both launching on promotion at £1.50 and are available in-store now.

SPAR's comprehensive lunchtime offer has been refreshed with the addition of two new sub rolls. SPAR Ham & Cheese and SPAR Chicken & Stuffing are available in SPAR stores now at £3.25 each. The existing range offers shoppers a wide choice of sandwiches and salads with healthier, vegetarian and vegan options.

SPAR Brand's snacking range, meanwhile, has been further extended with the introduction of the SPAR Low Calorie Strawberry Jelly Pot (70p), SPAR Mini Lemon Drizzle Cake (90p) and SPAR Chocolate Mousse (50p), as well as the improved flavour of the SPAR Sweet Potato Falafel with Houmous Dip (£1.59).

Dave added, “Having a range of fresh, on-trend and seasonally relevant products available in our SPAR stores is really important when attracting customers. We are going to continue with our own-label new product development programme as breakfast on the move and the UK snacking market grows.

“With restrictions on movement still in place in many areas around the country, and our stores continuing with their role as hubs of the community, we want to make sure they are equipped with relevant tasty and exciting food-to-go products when consumers begin to spend more time outside their homes, return to work or look for convenience as they go.”

SPAR is supporting the launch of the new own label food-to-go products across digital, social media and in-store as well as providing brochures on the full range for retailers.


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