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SPAR Brand Evening Meals Launch Taps into Quality Trend

September 18, 2017


SPAR UK is launching a new range of top-quality, premium meals to help its retailers meet shopper demand for products with quality ingredients and provenance.

In SPAR stores from October 5th, the premium ready meal range includes SPAR Brand Fish Pie, Lasagne Al Forno and Cottage Pie.

The meals are made from top-quality ingredients such as British beef, potatoes farmed in Yorkshire and a rich Italian red wine to name a few. All come with a foil tray for the perfect oven baked finish. All three lines have a RRP of £4, and will be promoted at two for £7.

As part of SPAR Brand’s wider revamp to its evening meals range this autumn, the symbol group is also introducing two new roast dinner meals: Chicken Roast Dinner and Beef Roast Dinner (PMP £3.50).

SPAR Brand’s Pizza range has also been revamped to include two new stuffed crust pizzas in price-marked packs: Jerk Chicken and Cheese Feast (PMP £3.50).

The new lines combined are expected to deliver retail sales of over £800,000 for SPAR.

SPAR UK Head of Brand Cath McIlwham said: “Our new premium ready meals are the three most popular flavours in the market. We are confident that their great quality is set to appeal both to new customers and to existing shoppers as a treat.

“The total evening meals market is worth £6 billion and performing at 2.9% year on year, while SPAR is performing ahead of the market, growing at 10.5%.

“We are encouraging all our retailers to block merchandise the new range alongside prepared meals and meals for tonight in their stores.”

Marketing activity, including SPAR Radio, PoS, flyers, social media, website promotion and PR will back the launch.

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