Training & Development

Training and Development Commitment

The company is committed to maintaining high quality standards in products, processes, safe working practices, environmental management, business systems and people development. 

We recognise that we are dependent on our people to achieve these business objectives. 

We are therefore committed to maintaining our recognition as an ‘Investors in People’ organisation, and to providing training and development for all employees to ensure that:

  • Individual employees have the skills, knowledge and positive attitudes needed to do their jobs effectively and to established quality standards
  • The business has the collective competencies it requires to continually develop its performance to achieve its business plans in a highly competitive market
  • Employees are encouraged to continually improve their job and personal performance and have the opportunity to achieve their potential within the organisation


Training and Development Policy

Training and development needs will be determined by:

  • The specific job requirements of an employee, or the company’s personal development plans for an employee
  • Changes in, for example, the company’s business systems or the technology used within the company, or changes in its organisational structures, particularly where these changes have an impact on the skills and knowledge that employees need to do their job
  • The need for employees to be ‘multi-skilled’ so that A.F. Blakemore can develop a flexible workforce
  • The need to meet government or other legislative standards, such as health and safety, environmental and food hygiene legislation

Responsibilities for training and development are as follows:

  • Line managers and supervisors are accountable for ensuring that those reporting to them have the skills and knowledge required to do their jobs
  • Employees are themselves encouraged to keep their skills and knowledge up to date and to respond positively to training being provided
  • Senior managers are responsible for ensuring that the resources required for training and developing employees are made available and that there are appropriate systems in place to support employee development

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