The Way We Do Business

In addition to the Purpose and Values outlined in The Blakemore Way, a series of codes of conduct, referred to as The Way We Do Business, has been introduced across A.F. Blakemore & Son Ltd. 

These codes of conduct provide further detail on each of the company’s Values statements and spell out what is required for The Blakemore Way to be realised. 

The statements define how we at A.F. Blakemore behave and how we work with our staff, customers, suppliers and local communities to achieve mutual business success.  

The way we behave at A.F. Blakemore and Son Ltd

  • We respect each other and each other’s needs
  • We learn from our mistakes and refuse to dwell upon them
  • We ensure that everyone gets a chance to be heard
  • We praise excellence and challenge underperformance
  • We encourage teamwork and always look to support each other
  • We make trust and loyalty a way of life

The way we maximise staff potential and their contribution to the company’s success

  • We fully induct all new starters and give all of our staff annual performance reviews
  • We ensure fair pay and conditions of employment
  • We train everybody to do their jobs
  • We make further training and development available
  • We advertise vacancies internally
  • We provide the correct tools for staff to carry out their jobs effectively
  • We hold consultation groups and conduct surveys

The way we provide a great service to all our customers

  • We communicate regularly
  • We are driven by our customers’ needs
  • We are fast, efficient and friendly
  • We do what we say we will do
  • We provide a good, fair deal
  • We value loyal customers
  • We make it easy to do business with us
  • We exceed customers’ expectations
  • We always say “thank you”
  • We consider the impact of our decisions upon our customers

The way we add value to our trade partners

  • We work with them to improve their business
  • We nurture a relationship that provides loyalty
  • We help them compete effectively in the marketplace
  • We help reduce their costs
  • We use our technology and expertise to help them

The way we do business with our suppliers

  • We aim to be as easy to deal with as possible
  • We develop business plans with suppliers to support mutual growth
  • We work together to improve the package we offer to customers
  • We support local and small producers
  • We work together to improve product knowledge
  • We support suppliers that support us and expect comparable treatment to our competitors
  • We measure supplier support in terms of price

The way we make a significant, positive contribution to the community

  • We support the local communities we serve
  • We encourage staff involvement in community groups and activities
  • We consider the impact on local communities in our key business decisions
  • We support nominated fundraising campaigns
  • We acknowledge, measure and minimize our environmental impact
  • We are an active member of Business in the Community
  • We maximise the resources of the company’s community fund, The Blakemore Foundation

The way we attain excellence

  • We get things right first time
  • We encourage our staff to innovate and improve the way we do business
  • We hold efficient and purposeful meetings
  • We provide the right tools for the job
  • We measure our non-financial performance and benchmark the way we do business internally and externally
  • We do whatever we do properly or not at all
  • We use the latest developments in IT to improve the way we do business

The way we act with honesty and integrity

  • We do what we say we will do
  • We do not purchase suspect stock or trade with disreputable suppliers
  • We ensure a safe workplace and business procedures
  • We ensure the safety of the food products that we supply
  • We value long-term relationships with our customers
  • We avoid making quick gains at the expense of long-term business relationships
  • We are tolerant of genuine mistakes