CR Reports

It is vital for our business that we do not just talk about The Blakemore Way and the company’s values, but that we also attempt to measure, assess and communicate the impact that we are having. 

This is achieved through our annual Corporate Responsibility Reports, which showcase the wide range of activity that take place across the company and reflects the key decisions made by our high level Corporate Responsibility Committees.

The reports highlight the great work that colleagues undertake across the organisation in regards to the company’s Workplace, Marketplace, Environment and Community objectives.

Blakemore Wholesale CR Report

Blakemore Wholesale, Foodservice and Fresh Foods publish joint reports.  To read this year's report please click on the Report image. 






The SPAR focused divisions also publish joint reports.  To read this please click on the Report image. 




CR Committees are in place across our business and are chaired by divisional managing directors.  They feature key members of each division's board of directors and senior management teams. 

These groups meet at least quarterly and set annual targets, monitor performance and promote sustainable business practices to ensure the full integration of The Blakemore Way

This integration can only succeed with the support of colleagues who sit on groups such as Staff Forums and Values Groups or serve as Community Champions. 

The process has underpinned our many successes in regards to corporate responsibility over the past seven years and will allow us to achieve much more in the years ahead. 

A. F. Blakemore CR Sustainable Growth Process