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Road Safety Week Reaches Out to 900 Schoolchildren

November 29, 2016


More than 900 pupils from across the West Midlands have been educated on the rules of the road as part of Blakemore Logistics’ annual road safety campaign.

Children from five different secondary schools across the region took part in the week-long event, which ran from November 21st to November 25th to coincide with Brake’s national Road Safety campaign. The company's Road Safety Week was led by volunteers from Blakemore Logistics and supported by Spillard Safety Systems.

Volunteers from Blakemore Logistics gave pupils a demonstration of an A.F. Blakemore vehicle to highlight the dangers of playing near large HGVs, and Spillard Safety Systems laid out specially designed mats to demonstrate all of the blind spots a driver has to contend with.

The children also participated in a classroom activity to raise awareness of the potential dangers that they may face on their journeys to and from school.

This year was the first that Road Safety Week targeted Year 7 pupils, a group specially chosen as for many of them this will be the first time that they commute to school on their own.

All pupils took home a goody bag full of road safety products including a reflective backpack and safety leaflets.

A.F. Blakemore Community Affairs Officer Liz Bell said: “As a food and drink distributor with more than 300 vehicles on the roads each day, we have a responsibility to educate pupils about the importance of road safety.

“Each year we incorporate a new element into our core road safety campaign and we are delighted to have partnered with Spillard Safety Systems to raise awareness of blind spots and the risks that young people may come across on their journey to school.”

Spillard Safety Systems’ Carl Falconer agreed: “We are very passionate about saving lives on our roads so were delighted to join forces with A.F. Blakemore to drive home the ‘safety’ message.

“The mats are a very simple approach, but really hit home and immediately pupils and teachers could see how large the blind spots are for drivers of these large vehicles and what they can do to avoid being in them.

“If the campaign prevents one accident or saves a life then the entire week will have been worthwhile.”


Year 7 pupils are educated on the rules of the road as part of Blakemore Logistics’ annual road safety campaign


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