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Phyllis Fellows Celebrates 45 Years’ Service

July 03, 2018

In June, Blakemore Foodservice’s Phyliss Fellows celebrated an incredible 45 years’ service with the business.

We asked Phyliss, who joined the company on her 17th birthday, all about how she got her first job at Blakemore’s, what she enjoys most about working here and her most memorable day.

Phyllis currently works at the company’s James Bridge depot in the West Midlands.

How did you get your first job at A.F. Blakemore?

My friend who started at Walsall Cash & Carry informed me there were more vacancies so I telephoned for an interview.

Can you remember your first day?

I remember having to wear my old work uniform as they didn’t have any spare ones when I started, and my manager was Mr Guilmont.

Can you briefly tell us about the different job roles you have done during your time at the company?

The ones I have enjoyed the most are when I worked in the Wine Store and you had to learn about all the different drinks so you could advise customers and also the buying as it was interesting and challenging at times.

What do you enjoy most about working here?

The feeling of family has always made a huge impression, but also the way the company has been flexible with your working hours when you have young children and need to work around them.

What are the biggest changes you have seen Blakemore’s go through in the time you have been here?

The way the company has grown and all the people they now employ.

What advice would you give to Blakemore employees who want to progress within the business?

If you are looking to further yourself, make your manager aware and also look for any courses which are available to you.

What has been your most memorable day?

When I had my 25 years’ service and a group of us were invited to have lunch with Mr Blakemore and the directors, I was so nervous I couldn’t eat anything. 

If you hadn’t started working at Blakemore’s where do you think you would be now?

I always wanted to be a postwoman as I enjoyed walking so maybe I would have done that.

In hindsight what piece of advice would you have given to your younger self when you first started at the company?

I would tell myself to take more opportunities to further myself as there are many aspects to this company.


Bob Hughes (left) and Tony Arrowsmith (right) present Phyliss with a bouquet of flowers, bottle of champagne and a letter of congratulations from the company 

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