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Llanharry Raise £2,000 for Life-saving Defibrillators

April 07, 2017

A Blakemore Retail SPAR store in Llanharry is saving lives by fundraising £2,000 for a Welsh heart charity.

Employees at the Llanharry SPAR store on Tylacoch Road have helped to raise £2,000 to purchase lifesaving defibrillators for charity Welsh Hearts.

The funds have been raised in just over six months through a series of fundraisers from local door to door raffle tickets to jam-packed charity discos at the local working men’s club.

Support for the Welsh Hearts charity stemmed from a first aid course organiser Food to Go Sales Assistant, Rachel Cooper was involved with. She and supervisor, Joanne Pullman kicked off the fundraising last September with support from the wider SPAR team. The support didn’t stop at the store, with overwhelming contributions made by members of public, local businesses and A. F. Blakemore’s charitable trust, the Blakemore Foundation.

The monies raised for the Welsh Hearts charity have gone towards the charity’s aim to place defibrillators in local communities, and to deliver CPR and defibrillator training in Wales. The £2,000 has gone directly towards the cost of two new defibrillators. One defibrillator is to be located at Llanharry SPAR and the other to be located outside the local community centre.

Blakemore Retail SPAR Store Manager Mike Jones said:

“I’d like to congratulate the team and in particular the organisers for raising a superb amount for the Welsh Hearts. I am humbled to know that the defibrillators will go on to become an essential piece of equipment in Llanharry and life-saving for years to come.

“There cannot be many that would give their upmost commitment and dedication to a local appeal like this. Thank you for everyone that has been involved!”



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