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Carrier Bag Report

Blakemore Retail donates all proceeds from the sale of carrier bags across England and Wales to A.F. Blakemore's charitable trust, the Blakemore Foundation. 

Please see Blakemore Retail's Annual Carrier Bag Report for 2017/18 below. 


Blakemore Retail

Carrier bags record for the period 1 May 2017 – 29 April 2018

Number of chargeable bags supplied: 8,192,643

Total amount received from the sale of bags £409,632.15  

[8,192,643 x 5p]

Total amount received from the 5p charge £409,632.15

[8,192,643 x 5p]

Net proceeds of the charge: £341,500.38   

[£409,632.15 - £68,131.77 – see below]

We donated the net proceeds to the Blakemore Foundation. 

The difference of £68,131.77 between the total amount received from the sale of bags and the net proceeds of the 5p charge is made up of the following costs: 

  • Informing the public about the charge: £0
  • Compliance costs: £0
  • VAT: £68,131.77