Senior Team to Take On Bear Grylls Challenge

April 30, 2019

Bear Grylls Challenge

May 16th–17th

Your Chance to Challenge the Senior Team!

Blakemore Retail’s Bear Grylls ‘Survive the Wild’ Executive Challenge is fast approaching and the senior team is now in your hands!

Each challenger has their own JustGiving page set up and the money you pledge will determine how much they enjoy their 24-hour challenge.

Friend or Foe – pledge your money as a friend to help a challenger gain a Veto card against a task, or join store staff and pledge as a foe – ensure the contender with the most money raised has to complete the worst tasks, including eating bugs! 

Simply bank your money on their JustGiving pages:

Matt Teague
Acting Head of Blakemore Retail

Chris Bacon
Store Operations Director

Paul Wiltshire
Regional Manager

Alastair Haigh
Property Development Director

Sarah Ellis
Group Marketing Director

Romaine Maret
NSPCC Partnerships Manager

Dave Parry
Area Manager

Mark Paddison 
Area Manager

Caroline Wills
Retail Operations Support & Marketing Assistant Manager


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