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AFB Set to Host First Women in Blakemore Conference

February 24, 2020

Women in Blakemore

A.F. Blakemore is set to host its first Women in Blakemore conference on 26th February.

The event is open to all Blakemore colleagues (not just women) and will focus on topics that have been proven to impact the progression of women.

It will be the first in a series of events designed to focus on how the business can increase its diversity across underrepresented groups.

The conference will aim to bring colleagues across all divisions and departments together to share challenges and opportunities as well as spend time on personal development.

Internal and external speakers will cover topics such as resilience, impostor syndrome, negotiation skills, customer insight, business strategy and equality, inclusion and diversity.

A.F. Blakemore Group Board Director Caoire Blakemore commented: “One of the identified reasons for diversity challenges in the workplace is that people tend to surround themselves with similar people, often without realising.

“This event will encourage us all to extend our network across the organisation and provide an opportunity for women at A.F. Blakemore to raise their profile.

“As a business we want to provide positive encouragement for underrepresented groups by breaking down perceived barriers and illustrating opportunities. I hope that women leave the conference feeling inspired, connected, motivated, confident and supported.” 


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