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Free Online Scanners

Free Online Scanners for Selected Retail Club Stores

Shopping with Blakemore Wholesale has never been quicker or more simple than when using a handheld scanner. 

Simply scan the product on your shop shelf, plug in the USB and synchronise your scanning with www.blakemorewholesale.net

You can then amend the quantities on your order, and with a few quick clicks, your order is placed. 

We provide you with the scanner, plus the custom software that will link the scanner to our online ordering website, giving you a one-click method of submitting an order to the site. 

The barcode scanner has a compact, go-anywhere design that allows it to fit into a purse or onto a keychain. 

Using the device is simple: just point, click and scan. 


Features and Benefits

  • Small, lightweight, ergonomic design
    Fits onto a key chain, easily carried in a pocket or purse

    Blakemore Wholesale online scanners

  • Easy and intuitive use
    Just point, click, and scan
  • Real-time clock
    Each barcode is stamped with the time and date to assist with organizing specific tasks
  • Non-volatile memory
    Retains scanned data even when batteries are removed
  • USB connectivity
    Easily connects to almost all systems


To enquire about our free online scanners and find out if you are eligible for this service, please contact Steve Nelson on 01902 371515 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)