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Own-Brand Catering Ranges

Our own-brand catering ranges come under two labels, Caterers Kitchen and Caterers Kitchen Everyday. These complement the extensive range of industry recognised brand names that we offer, so that caterers can choose how to manage their costs.

Caterers_Kitchen Caterers_Kitchen_Everyday


Caterers Kitchen

Caterers Kitchen is a well-established and much trusted range of over 400 food and non-food products, developed specifically to help caterers keep their costs under control.  Every product is carefully chosen to match branded quality, but without the added cost of fancy packaging and advertising. Caterers Kitchen delivers great value, every day. 



Caterers Kitchen Everyday

When low cost is an absolute must, our Caterers Kitchen Everyday range can save money and still provide an excellent catering service. Look out for the simple red and white packs in-depot for the lowest costs, every day.