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Meet the Trading Team

Meet some of the members of our trading teams: 


Rupert Morris

Blakemore Trade Partners Trading Director

"Developing great partnerships with our supplier base is a core element of the way we do business here at A.F. Blakemore.

"The need to develop greater understanding and alignment is essential, and I look forward to working with our suppliers to achieve this."


Richard Jorden

Wholesale Trading Director 

"In tough economic and trading climates it is imperative that we work strategically with all of our key suppliers.

"Across our Wholesale divisions there is much more to do from both a commercial and operational perspective, and we will need support from our trading partners to achieve our goals.

"Our trading strategy for 2017 will encompass robust yet collaborative joint business plans that will generate sustainable growth for suppliers and A.F. Blakemore alike and affirm our position as a nationwide wholesale operator."




James Russell

Blakemore Wholesale Distribution Managing Director

"A.F. Blakemore has developed a track record of working together with suppliers to find a more efficient way to get their products to market.

“With a group logistics operation that delivers to more than 7,700 customer delivery points across the UK, A.F. Blakemore offers a fantastic network of opportunity.”  



The Blakemore Way

Blakemore Way

Blakemore Heritage

Blakemore Heritage