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Training Courses

The Guild Academy runs the following free courses for SPAR retailers across the Meridian & Welsh Guild:


B11AB_Level_2_Award_for_Personal_Licence_Holders_APLH BIIAB Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders (APLH)
Focused upon the Licensing Act 2003 and is a prerequisite in applying for a Personal Licence. The course is assessed via a 40-minute, multiple-choice exam that is accredited by the British Institute of Innkeepers Awarding body, a subgroup of the BII.
CIEH_Level_2_Award_in_Food_Safety CIEH Level 2 Award in Food Safety for Retail
This course covers the five modules of the Chartered Institute for Environmental Health’s syllabus and complies with EHO recommendations. It is accredited by the CIEH and is assessed via a one-hour multiple-choice exam.
Level_2_Emergency_First_Aid Level 2 Emergency First Aid
If your risk assessment indicates that first aid training covering emergency protocols only is sufficient for your workplace, this one-day course will help you to meet regulatory requirements. A practical, hands-on course with a final assessment.
To_Sell_or_Not_to_Sell_(TSONTS) To Sell or Not to Sell (TSONTS)
This course is recommended by Trading Standards as being essential for all retail stores involved in the selling of age-restricted items. There is an assessment at the end of the course which provides the business with evidence of due diligence.
Principles_of_Safety The Principles of Safety Awareness in a Retail Environment
This workshop takes you through the basics of health and safety, chemical handling, hazard spotting, risk assessment, fire safety and managing contractor safety.


Retail Excellence

SPARkling_Service SPARkling Service
Identifying core areas of understanding in respect of changing customer expectations and raising staff awareness of how profits can be increased and retention figures improved through the application of outstanding customer service.
Principles_of_Active_Selling Active Selling
Active Selling is a combination of delivering excellent customer service, linking sales and up-selling to a weekly product. It promotes a motivated team and increases your basket spend.
Principles_of_Effective_Merchandising Effective Merchandising
This workshop encompasses all the key aspects of stock management and presentation with a direct reference to application at store level to maximise profit potential.
Principles_of_Loss_Prevention Loss Prevention
This workshop is aimed at management, supervisors and staff. It encompasses the fundamental aspects a staff member would need to know in relation to overall loss prevention, with a direct reference to application at store level.



Managing_through_Motivation_Delegation Managing through Motivation and Delegation
Motivation and delegation are often the most difficult concepts for a manager to adopt in practice. In this short course you’ll examine the concepts of and connections between motivation and delegation.
Developing_Sales_Profitability Developing Sales and Profitability in an Independent Retail Business
A course designed in isolating sales opportunities by recognising the pattern of consumers' expectations and the methods that are used to meet and exceed these expectations day to day. Promotion of sustainability and profitability are the ethos of this course.
Promoting_Effective_Cash_Flow Promoting Effective Cash Flow and Accounting within an Independent Retail Business
Ideally suited to retailers who utilise the AFB Retail Accounts service (although not imperative), this course gives a practical understanding of retail accounts and focuses on application within a store environment to promote profitability and sustainability.
Training_Champion_Programme Training Champion Programme Train the Trainer
A delegate-led, comprehensive course that addresses the key aspects of learning and development with a focus upon ‘coaching’ and coordination of records and materials in-store.
Investigation,_Grievance_Discipline Investigation, Grievance and Discipline
A comprehensive workbook and course focused on establishing best practice and legal compliance with regards to investigation, grievance and disciplinary processes.
Managing_Recruitment Managing Recruitment
A comprehensive workbook and course focused on establishing best practice and legal compliance in recruitment, selection and retention.
Managing_Performance_Development_of_People Managing the Performance and Development of People
A comprehensive workbook and course focused on establishing best practice in the management of employee performance and the development of people.