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Blakemore Foodservice is a customer focused organisation and our employees aim to deliver a first class service at all times.  We have a team of dedicated, friendly and knowledgeable staff who are keen to work in close partnership with our customers.  

We employ more than 300 people across our two sites in the West Midlands and West Yorkshire and we work hard to ensure that the same culture, standards and commitment to customer service are embedded across both depots.  This commitment to excellence has been recognised by the achievement of Investors in People Award accreditation. 

Our key functions include:

Customer Service and Administration

Our customer service and administration team are responsible for providing customer service support and dealing with any customer queries or issues.  They deal with order processing, telesales and general administration. 

Sales and Marketing

Our sales and marketing team focus on business development, sourcing new contracts, buying, sales, marketing and trading. 


The transport function is responsible for providing a reliable and efficient delivery service.  The department maintains our vehicles, schedules delivery routes and ensures legal compliance with food safety, health and safety and environmental standards. 


Our ‘Paperless Picking’ Operation

Goods In

All products have a barcode, which is unique to that product. We capture the barcode and the date code. 


These products are then moved into the main warehouse where they are stored before use.  We record where all pallets are stored so that they are easy to find when needed.  All equipment is linked via a radio frequency system, and is linked back to our main computer so that we can monitor each member of staff. 

As the fixtures in the warehouse run low on products our replenishers are alerted via the unit fitted on their forklift trucks.  Products are then replenished according to date, and the amount of product is then recorded in the unit. 


Customer orders are displayed on our order pickers’ wrist units.  Products are then scanned to make sure that they are correct and are placed onto cages.  Because each barcode is unique, only the correct products can be placed on the cages.  Cages are then loaded onto our delivery vehicles. 

The Result:

  • Better stock rotation
  • Better shelf life
  • Improved accuracy
  • Improved service level

This high-tech system does not just lead to a cost-effective, accurate and dynamic warehouse environment, but it also helps provide customers with an in-depth analysis of their own business. 

Blakemore Foodservice can provide individual customers with details of their top-selling lines, market trends and the success or failure of promotions.



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